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A number of years ago I downloaded an archive from the WikiLeaks website. I had no real reason to do so – just with all the hype I was wondering what all the commotion was about. I did it because I doubted that I could – I never really got round to reading the articles, papers and watching the videos – because when I started I found it is in fact a rather boring read.

Ultimately anyone with half a brain cell suspects that this sort of stuff goes on and all WikiLeaks attempts to do is confirm those thoughts with documents and videos. Maybe some of the information has been supplied from chooks?

So, keep in mind however that amongst all this information could be misinformation; who has confirmed the legitimacy and integrity of the information supplied – is it documented fact that has been acknowledged and confirmed as fact by state officials. Or is it officials feeding information onto the internet that is untrue. This purely being a method by which they can audit the staff that they employ and confirm the record keepers confidential and loyalty to that given organization or department? Maybe our Government’s want you to be misinformed? Maybe it is just more propaganda – every year new people pop up on the internet stating its the end of the World and yet it doesn’t!

I’ll believe it when it happens – if you want an interesting read look up “mind rape” that is quite interesting. Fact or Fiction?

Therefore, to conclude – is it true or false…ideally you need to make up your own mind. I personally cast no opinion on the matter.

Link to the records below,

You can either click the link and download the file or copy and paste the URL into a browser address bar. I would recommend copy and paste.

Save the file to your chosen location onto your media container. The file you have downloaded is a .7z file. This is like a zip file however the decoding the file requires a program called 7 Zip.

You can download the application below

install the 7 zip binaries and then run the program. Select “open” then extract to your desired location.

Once the files have been extracted from the .7z achieve you then need a torrent application.

I would recommend Vuze. Again you would need to install this application onto your media device.

The torrent files are clear marked in the folders that you have extracted from the .7z achieve.

Simply double the torrent file and Vuze will locate the sources from around the globe and then your chosen document will be collected, stored and be available to view.

You may require further software such as adobe reader.

I hope this explains the process for the majority of people. If you can’t follow the instructions you could contact and I will try and provide further support. Or alternatively take your computer back to the shop and ask for a refund – you are to stupid to own one. Ha!

Kind regards,



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